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Rune FAQ

What are Runes?
The word rune means mystery, or secret. Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for divination, guidance and writing. There are 24 runes in a set, and they are divided into three Aettir groups of eight. The three groups, or “families” of runes are Freyr’s Eight, Hagal’s Eight and Tyr’s Eight. A blank rune was later added to some rune sets, which stands for the unknowable or divine in all things. I, however, prefer to use the traditional original runes, and do not include the use of the blank rune in my readings.

The runes are as follows:

Rune Name, Meaning
1) Mannaz, the Self
2) Gebo, Partnership or gift
3) Ansuz, Signals
4) Othila, Separation
5) Uruz, Strength
6) Perth, Initiation
7) Nauthiz, Constraint
8) Inguz, Fertility
9) Eihwaz, Defense
10) Algiz, Protection
11) Fehu, Possessions
12) Wunjo, Joy

Rune Name. Meaning
13) Jera, Harvest
14) Kano, Opening
15) Teiwaz, Warrior
16) Berkana, Growth
17) Ehwaz, Movement
18) Laguz, Flow
19) Hagalz, Disruption
20) Raido, Journey
21) Thurisa, Gateway
22) Dagaz, Breakthrough
23) Isa, Standstill
24) Sowelu, Wholeness or sucess

What are the origins of Runes?
There is no definite agreement as to where the runes first originated. Many believe that the Elder Futhark is the oldest version of the Runic alphabet, and was born in areas of Europe which were home to Germanic people.

What can Runes be used for?
Runes are most commonly used as an Oracle, from which one seeks advice. Runes origins are obscure and so are the exact definitions, that is where the intuition of the reader comes in. Runes can also be used for meditation, to develop one’s spirituality and for magical purposes. Runes can guide you to your subconscious hopes or fears, that can be overcome (see the help section), direct your attention towards matters that need to be addressed.

What is a spread?
A rune spread is a layout of random rune stones, with each one representing something based on the position it falls in. There are many different types of spreads, the most popular requests are on the ordering form. If you do not see the spread you would like, just fill out the custom rune reading request form. I will reply to you in regards to your request.

How does the rune reading ordered on this website work?
Once the rune reading request is received, the runes will be drawl or cast with your question/s in mind. Runes are read from right to left. They are also read either upright or reversed, with different meanings based on the direction they are drawn in. the runes will then be laidout to the particular spread you requested, the reading is based on the runes that are drawn and the positions they fall in. There are two ways the runes are interpreted, the first being the symbolic, or traditional meaning of them. The second is based on the intuitive response recieved from the overall spread. These are combined to give the reading.

I hope this answers your questions abour runes and rune readings; however, if there is any other questions, please submit your question to our suggestion box.
Thank you for visiting our site, we appreciate all of our visitors.