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Dear Amber,
Thank you SO MUCH for the clarity you have added to my situation. I was at a crossroads, and was completely unsure of which direction to take. Not only did your reading describe the choices I had to make, but detailed the situation for me. It wasn’t until I actually saw in black and white what was going on, that I actually understood it. You helped make a difficult choice much easier, and I want to let you know that.
Sincerely, Lois G., Florida

Just want to take a minute to say thanks for my rune reading. It was really accurate, and helped greatly!
Debra M., West Haven, CT

Runes Rule! Especially when you are reading them, right on!
Jenna, CA

I can’t believe the things you said in my reading. I have been going through a lot, and am in a situation I cannot discuss with people close to me for obvious reasons. I actually felt like you knew me when I read what you had to say. I was somewhat of a skeptical person, but figured since I had nobody I could confide in, I would give this a try. Consider me a believer now.
Thanks, JG – PA

I have to reply to your email. I received this tarot reading as a gift, and it is something I would never think to get for myself. When I read your email, I actually thought I had been “set up” by the person who ordered it for me. I didn’t even think it was possible to get that much detail from a complete stranger. When I asked my friend (several times) if she told you about me, she swore this is completely legitimate, which leads me to a question for you. How on earth could you have known all of this?
Becky, Thomaston, CT

Dear Donna:
I have been to many readers, and I have seen a few who have a true gift. Unfortunately, I lost touch with them, and was looking for someone new. A friend who you read for at a psychic fair referred me to your site. You are truly gifted, and I am saving your site to my favorites, so I don’t lose touch with you.
Thank you, Ray A., Stamford, CT


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